Simply put, it is like an o line strip club. Guys come in watch the girls and pay for online services. Your clients will enter your room, they will chat with you for free for a few minutes. Then as you excite them they start to pay for you and they take you to a “private” room.  This is easy and we have models that can mentor you if you feel shy. You just have to give this type of work some time and dedication. Anyone can make money. We have over 10 million users who are looking for an excuse to pay for someones time.

Absolutely. All males models and couples are welcome. Please read about the free equipment FAQ to see if you qualify.

No we do not. However we can recomend to you the service. Remember to get something with an upload speed of at least 1.0 mbps upload.

We offer many services that sets us apart from any other site. We are confident that with us you will make the most amount of money per hour than with any other company. Additionally we offer:

– Free caming equipment set up in your home (to those that qualify)
– Model Mentoring by one of our female  or male models.
– Fastest payout. Weekly and a day after pay period ends (every Sunday).
– We offer loans and advances after a few weeks of service.
– Earn commission off recruited girls.
– Biggest webcam pay site on the internet.
– Women agents to work with. We will always treat you with professionalism and respect.
– Technical and camming live support when you need it. WE also offer moral support.
– One day turnaround from application to opening your account.
– Millions of dollars spent each month in advertising our site.
– 500 million hits every month on the website and affiliates.
– Site operating since 2001.

The catch is that you have to work 10 hrs a week minimum. We will charge you rent if you don’t work the 10hrs for the week. We only provide equipment to those who are serious about making money. If this is going to be a hobby for you to earn $50/week then we probably won’t want to give you free equipment. We only supply free equipment to those who qualify.

Also if you live far from our service area, then we can either provide you equipment for a deposit ($300-$500) or sell you equipment at whole sale prices (~$500). The equipment includes a webcam computer, HD webcam, large screen monitor, wireless keyboard, mouse, and speakers. Apply now to find out if you qualify for free equipment.

You can always use your own computer if you don’t want to work the 10 hrs a week.

Yes this is very safe. As long as you don’t give out your personal info. We protect your personal information, we don’t sell it or advertise it. We can even block out cities from ever seeing your profile.

You get paid weekly. We pay faster than any other website on the web. The pay period ends on Saturday, and we send you the money the next day. All other sites send money after 5-14 days or even longer. We do direct deposit or prepaid card. Both have benefits that we can explain.
The pay varies from model to model. But if you put in the effort and do more than 15 hrs a week, you will make about $30/hr. If you treat this as a hobby expect $20/hr. If you are dedicated to this line of work, then you should be making over $50/hr. Our top models are easily making $120/hr. Some even make $4000/week. We have women who are 60 years old and making $25/hr. Making money at this simply takes a good computer, good internet connection and dedication.

100% Yes. It is like a virtual strip club.

Yes – if you want to make real money. If this is a hobby and you do it for personal reasons and not to make serious money then no you don’t have to. You can always put on a mask or a wig for disguise. You can also block geographic areas if you wish.

In reality if you are shy then this is not for you. The clients want to see your face and get intimate with you at some point. But,

If you are worried about people seeing you naked, then we could do a few things. Block certain cities that worry you. Or you can get a wig and contact lenses to hide your identity.

If you want to make good money then yes,  you have to get naked. But if you are okay with earning half of your potential then perform without getting nude. But we will unlikely give you a computer as it would not be worth our time.

We tend to reserve free equipment for those models who we think will make the most amount of money.