See How We Are Different

See How We are Different

Become financially independent working at home. We are proud to continue to help those who are hardworking, focused, independent. We provide you with all the equipment and training you require to work out of the safety of you home. Apply here to see if you qualify.  There will never be any clients that you have to visit or visit you. Absolutely nothing to buy, rent or even give us your credit card information. If you are serious about working for us please contact us and we can get you started in less than a week. We have helped students, single moms, families and many others achieve their financial goals and independence. If you are still not convinced visit our Reference page and hear what other models have said about us. To apply to be a model with us click here

Webcam performers – the sky is the limit in earning. The more you work the more money you make. It is up to you. We do require a minimum of 10hrs per week to qualify for free equipment and set up. We will give you the the equipment you need (over $1000) and you supply the internet (1.0 mbps upload such as with ATT U-Verse, Verizon Fios, charter, TWC and others. Please verify with your provider or check here ). We can help you here too, just ask.

This is an adult position where you will perform for clients who will ask you to do live adult type acts for money over the internet and webcam. .  Think of it as an online peep show.  See examples at our website (or scroll to bottom of page). If you are a confident, outgoing, independent, open minded and a focused person who is hungry for success. Our average models are making over $35/hr consistently. We work to no end and spend millions advertising our site(s) to get over 500 million hits every month. If you work hard this can easily become a $50/hr position and more. We provide you will all the equipment (if you qualify), training and advice you need. We have strong models that can coach you as well at our expense.  Apply Here.

There are lots of options for you out there; why us? There are many reasons but here are a few. The equipment is free (if you qualify). We train for free. We tell you what works and what does not. We track your working information and tell you what and when is best for you. We advance you earned money in times of need and even loan you some money in emergencies. We pay once a week (fastest in the industry) so you don’t have to wait two weeks for your pay check. Many other studios will simply take a huge percentage of your earnings and do nothing to increase your income. We know this because we have models who have previously worked for other studios and now are who are doing much better under our guidance. Unlike a brick and mortar studio, you won’t have to travel, deal with studio manager, fight for a spot or even work on someone else’s sheets. If your studio is not working for you give us a try. The only obligation you have is that you have to work 10 hours a week (flexible hours) . After that you can do whatever you want. Apply Here.